At Parker Prins Lebano we pride ourselves on being a “great place to work”. We understand that we would not be a great public accounting firm without great people—that’s why we put our people first. We believe we can create the most value for our clients and gain their confidence—through outstanding solutions and services—only by first building value and confidence in our people. We strive to help everyone achieve both their professional and personal goals through an environment that fosters growth and provides continuous opportunities to develop new skills and knowledge.

Our culture fosters success as we provide our people with the development and knowledge resources they need to be successful in all aspects of their lives—both personally and professionally. To ensure that we provide quality professional services in an independent, objective, and ethical manner, we have mentoring initiatives and in-house training, and we encourage all members of our team to seek out and to partake in relevant professional development opportunities.

We work with our employees to best match their work schedules to their personal commitments and, where feasible, tailoring the work they do to satisfy their professional interests. This environment empowers our employees to have a tremendous impact on their career progression within the firm. Unlike many employers that claim to be committed to creating an inclusive environment—one that is progressive, flexible, and values the individual contributions of each employee—we are not only committed to such an environment, but each of our employees will attest to its benefits.

We believe that people perform best in—and want to maintain relationships with—organizations to which they feel truly connected. Further, we believe that success in life is measured not by financial wealth alone, but by the ability to balance both professional and personal commitments and interests. We encourage our employees to have active and healthy lifestyles, both in body and in mind. Our in-house group fitness program, employee recreation allowance, and firm-sponsored social events are just a few examples of our initiatives directed at promoting wellness, balance, and a strong team environment.