Our firm will maintain strong growth as a provider of high-quality professional services to our clients. We will strive to consistently be perceived as a firm that is professional, trustworthy, knowledgeable, accurate, and timely. Parker Prins Lebano will offer—at rates that are fair—the innovative approach clients need to reach their business and personal financial goals.

Our mission is to provide clients operating in diverse business sectors, including individuals, partnerships, corporations, estates and trusts, and not-for-profit organizations, with accounting, assurance, taxation, and business consulting services, with a highly skilled professional team working together, using common sense and practical experience. Our mission is also to provide a successful environment for our employees.



At Parker Prins Lebano we live by a set of shared values that guide our actions and behavior. Our values influence the way we work and interact with our colleagues; as well as the way we serve our clients and engage with all our stakeholders. Our slogan, “Making Expectations Happen”, affirms our belief in working both smart and hard on behalf of our clients.

We take pride in the quality of everything we do. Integrity and professional competence are the cornerstones of our firm. We work hard to earn and maintain our clients’ trust and confidence.

Since no two clients are alike, we pride ourselves on getting the right information, making the right judgments, and taking the right actions to deliver the highest-quality services. We bring our clients our perspective on their industry, share our business insights and ideas, and, most important, we listen. It is this approach that enables us to determine how to best service our clients, to create value, and to earn their confidence.

We serve each of our clients with integrity. No single client is more important than our professional reputation. To protect and maintain the trust of our clients and the public at large, we strictly adhere to professional standards. Our quality assurance policies and our highly supported “open door policy” provide our people with the tools and opportunities to do the right thing.