As tax regulations and reporting requirements increase in complexity each year, it becomes ever more difficult for individuals and corporations to stay ahead of new developments. Our timely and relevant tax advice and preparation keeps our clients in step with government requirements.

Our personal tax services focus on individuals with more involved tax issues and those who own their own businesses. Our corporate tax services focus mainly on owner-managed, private companies. We discuss each client’s situation with them in detail to ensure that they are obtaining the benefit of all tax deductions legally available to them.


Christine Prins is our specialist in the area of taxation of estates. Because of the complexities of estate-related taxation issues and the legal and personal demands placed on executors, seeking professional tax advice in an estate situation is extremely important. Christine has extensive experience and knowledge in this area, liaising with legal counsel, trustees and CRA. Christine also consults clients on various estate planning issues.


The requirements for a claim under the Government of Canada’s Scientific Research and Experimental Development program require detailed records, technical information, and the preparation of a corporate return that can be quite complex. Steve Parker is our R&D specialist. Through his national firm training and extensive experience in filing claims for many of Ottawa’s start-up high tech firms, Steve has acquired the knowledge necessary to coach our clients through the entire SR&ED process — from determining how to keep the right records to communicating with a Canada Revenue Agency auditor who is verifying a claim.